Shrek is a friendly ogre, living in a swamp in the kingdom, Far Far Away. He does buisness in commercial spooking of villagers. He charges about $20 per hour. This is the best rate in the land. He does strict, simple buisness. He will inflict fear into your enemy's eyes, for a simple fee.


You can contact me easily by email or phone. My buisness phone number is "911", and my email is shrek@gmail.com. For other inquiries, you can email my marketing and advertising team at main@shrekscarespeople.ogre. Please do not contact my marketing team for buisness inquiries, because they will ignore your requests.

Latest Projects

Recently, I broke a local record of people scared at once. For that job, I didn't charge any extra, that is average for my buisness. You can find a portfolio of mine here, or at shreksswamp.neocities.org